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European Portuguese for Business in Angola

Speaking Portuguese is a major asset for companies and individuals operating in Angola. Check this video.

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese with The Guardian

Excellent online resources to learn some basics of Brazilian Portuguese. Click below!

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The Economist says Brazilian Portuguese best language to learn

Brazilian Portuguese is the best return on anyone's investment in languages says The Economist. With 190 million speakers, Brazilian Portuguese is the language of half a continent. Besides, learning it will open doors to the countries where the European variant is spoken; among which are Angola, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and Portugal. European Portuguese is spoken by 50 million people around the world. Furthermore, Portuguese is the closest to English or French among the languages of fast growing economies and is therefore much faster to learn than Mandarin or Arabic for instance. Click for the full article.


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Brazilian legend songwriter Caetano Veloso creates a new Portuguese word: Abraçaço!

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  The title of his recent CD plays with the Portuguese word abraço [hug], adding the suffix aço which is an intensifier. The letter ç in Portuguese sounds ss: [Abrassasso]. This creates a very friendly and laid-back tone; a new interesting word has been added to the Portuguese vocabulary!

Planning a visit to Portugal? Check these tips!

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  We came across a page of
The Guardian which contains many interesting tips about shops and places to visit in Portugal. Quoting the newspaper: the country is full of pleasant surprises, like Lisbon's rococco shopfronts and wonderful timewarp interiors selling some of the most delightfully packaged goods, like soaps by Claus Porto in art deco boxes. Outside the cities, the newspaper highlights the Portuguese rural retreats or quintas: very chic, with glorious scenery and a slower pace of life. To read more follow this link
More tips and other other useful information can be found in this site: Portugal's Official Tourism Website or in the YouTube channel of Turismo de Portugal below.

  • A. Zambujo

    Turismo de Portugal
    Click the image for the YouTube channel of the Portuguese Turismo de Portugal, the central public authority for tourism in Porugal. Great videos from all over Portugal.


Homage to Amália Rodrigues


  Amália Rodrigues the diva of Fado. A beautiful voice, extraordinary expression and personal charisma made her the most acclaimed voice of Fado and a symbol of Portugal and the Portuguese soul.
Homage to Amália Rodrigues
Click the image for a video documentary about her art and life, with subtitles in English.

Portuguese learning guides


  Take a look at a list of selected websites with useful information about the Portuguese language below.

What's Brazilian Portuguese like?

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  The extent of the differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese is perceived differently by different people. The differences in the written language and vocabulary are no greater than those between British and American English; although there are greater phonetic differences between the standard forms of the language as spoken, say, in national TV channels. This Wikipedia article provides a fairly good introduction to this matter.

What's European Portuguese like?


  Don't miss some basic information and interesting facts about the structure and pronunciation of the European Portuguese spoken in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, along with a few useful day to day expressions.

Rio 2016 - A city leaps forward

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  The city of Rio de Janeiro has undergone dramatic changes in preparation for the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. From the renovation of the old Maracanã stadium to the construction of fantastic new venues, as well as the replanning of the transport network system and vast areas of the city, the revolution is noticeable. In the video below a group of Brazilian children take the viewer on a tour around the city. Subtitles in English!

  • Rio Olympic Games symbol

    Olympics in Rio 2016
    Click the image for the official website with all the information and lots of great videos.


Visiting Brazil? Everything you need to know!

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  This website, supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, contains detailed information about the country and provides access to an amazing YouTube Channel with loads of high quality videos from all over Brazil. It also includes 360° images, maps, apps, and much more!

Brazilian Portuguese in The Economist and The Telegraph

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  Learning Portuguese is the best return on your investment, says The Economist, drawing on the economic prospects of Brazil. The economic prospects of Angola provide a similar case for European Portuguese.
In a similar vein The Telegraph recently included Portuguese as one of the ten best languages to study for graduate jobs.
Portuguese was also ranked among the six most useful languages for business, by Bloomberg Rankings
Check the links below!

Lisbon, the White City

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Interesting video of Lisbon, the white city, as it was called by Alain Resnais, the French film director. The light, the river, the yellow trams, the buildings in white stone. Enjoy it!


The Portuguese language

Portuguese evolved mainly from Latin - brought to Iberia by the Romans - that almost entirely replaced the local language, spoken by the Lusitans. Check this site for further information.

The extraordinary boom of the Angolan economy

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  European Portuguese speaking Angola is quickly becoming an extraordinary case of economic success in Africa, with multinationals and entrepreneurs from all over the world flooding the capital, Luanda. A legal counsel firm executive overviews the current prospects for foreign investment.

Using Internet resources for effective language teaching


  Research consistently shows that learning a language is much faster and more effective when done in context, for example in a particular business activity, or during day to day life in, say, Lisbon, Rio, São Paulo or Luanda. Themes, stories, examples, dialogues must be meaningful to the learner's practical purposes. One great possibility today is the use of internet resources, such as YouTube, television broadcasters’ websites and newspapers where videos of people speaking about real day to day problems or the economy and business are updated on a daily basis. We recently organised a course for a group of art students who are joining a summer course in Lisbon this summer and, as a result, we came across an extraordinary website dedicated to Paula Rego's work. Paula Rego is one of the most important Portuguese painters alive. Her Casa das Histórias inaugurated in 2009, is a museum dedicated to the artist’s own work. Through a partnership with Microsoft Portugal, the museum put the Deep zoom project online in 2011, a project which allows visitors to zoom deeply into an important series of Rego's work. To zoom in on the paintings click here: Deep zoom project. Or you can read about this project by clicking here.
Rego - Cat & Guinea Pig

Paula Rego, Cat & Guinea Pig, 1982, detail
Click on the picture for the full image.

The economic crisis in Portugal and the pastel de nata

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  If you don't already know it, the Portuguese pastel de nata is a type of small egg and cream tart, similar to a crust tart. It was elevated to almost divine perfection in the XVIII century by the culinary genius of some Portuguese monks.

  • Pastel de Nata

    Pastel de nata
    Recently, the Portuguese minister of the economy brought a smile to many people's faces when he suggested that the Portuguese producers franchise the tart internationally as a means of counteracting the country's sovereign debt. But at least one producer picked the idea up successfully and may prove the minister right!


Promotional video of Portugal


  Portugal - A Beleza da Simplicidade, Portugal - The Beauty of Simplicity

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