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CRASH COURSES: Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 2pm.
COST: £149.40 (Incl. VAT)
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LinguaDireta LinguaDireta -
Cognisssima Global Training Limited
:: 88 Wood Street, London EC2V 7RS (administrative offices)
:: 46 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2RA (evening classes centre)
Phone: 020  8249  5536
Phone: +4420  8249  5536
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Cost: £149.40 (Incl VAT)

Dates and codes:


13-14 January Code CC13JAN
10-11 February Code CC10FEB
10-11 March Code CC10MAR
7-8 April Code CC07APR
5-6 May Code CC05MAY
9-10 June Code CC09JUN
7-8 July Code CC07JUL
4-5 August Code CC04AUG
8-9 September Code CC08SEP
6-7 October Code CC06OCT
10-11 November Code CC10NOV
8-9 December Code CC08DEC

Survival skills for business or pleasure? Brushing up your Portuguese if you haven't studied or used it for a while? Enrolling at Uni soon? Crash courses provide a quick induction to the language and a solid foundation of its basic structure with a view to pursuing further tuition at a later stage, or to quickly acquire survival skills for a visit to a Portuguese speaking country.

Brazilian or European preference:
In each crash course both variants (European and Brazilian) will be taught and these groups may be mixed, unless all the registrants have a preference for the same variant. At this basic level a complete separation of the variants is not necessary. The teacher will be able to explain and practice both. By indicating your preference you help us organise the support materials and audio/video support accordingly.

Time: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm.
Location: Our Holborn/Bloomsbury centre. Address: 46 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2RA.
Content: 8 hours induction course to the Portuguese language. Overview, general structure, practical situations and survival skills.

Cancellation Policy